The Twined Binding was created for a Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence presentation in 2007. You can read about the design process at the NW Chapter Blog. For full instructions, check out the Spring 2008 Issue of The Bonefolder.

The Twined Binding

When a foredge flap is added, it allows for a peek at the back side of the weaving, which appears in reverse color fields. I learned this basic twining technique from my brother-in-law, Joey Lavadour, who is a master weaver. You can view some of his baskets, woven with hemp twine and Pendleton wool yarn here.

Most of my early models were crafted using Tim Barrett’s papercase paper, but I’ve been experimenting more and more with Jesse Meyer’s vellum and Bridget O’Malley’s flax sheets, as well as alternative, non-paper materials.

“Reading Aloud” (above & right) $450

You can see the newest variations on this

binding here