Trim just to the printed area on all four sides of the image. Fold the paper in half 'hamburger' style, then turn the paper around so that the top leaf opens in the direction of a regular book. Bend back the top leaf only so that the fore edge meets the first fold.

Turn the page over and repeat. You now have the page folded into fourths, now we’re going to fold it into eighths. Set the folded paper in front of you so that if you picked up the top leaf only, it would open in the direction of a "regular book". Fold just the top leaf backwards to match it up with the fold on the left. Turn over and repeat. Reverse the direction of the center fold and crease. (It can help to think of the two smaller folds inside the larger one as teepees).

Place your hand in between the two teepees and bend the whole section back towards the single fold on the left. Turn the page over and repeat. Pull the page firmly open, you should have eight equal panels. 

Fold the page in half 'hot dog' style and unfold. NOTE: The photo (above/left) mistakenly shows the white side of the page on the outside. Fold yours so that the printed area will show on the outside when you fold.  Fold over the first two panels on the right and cut through the fold just to the next fold line. Repeat on left side of the page. Let the page fall back into the "hot dog" fold...

...while pushing towards the center so that two x's are formed. Cut out the white circles and glue the eyes to the bottom layer, under the openings, matching them up with the printing on the main page.

Re-crease the folds  that now have the extra layer underneath. Push the end panels in again and bring the pages pointing towards the table out towards the side of the page nearest them , set on the table and pull all the pages around to the front one set at a time.

Bone pages down individually as you go. They can be "read" in any order, and pulling on the ends of the second set will disclose the hidden images(right). A small paper slip case or strap (not shown) will keep the book closed flat.