"Gyromancy" is a collaborative project that was designed and uploaded to the web at Mission Creek Press then printed and assembled by YOU. Hundreds of people have made this book and I regularly receive emails from literally all over the world. It did not exist on paper until I printed MY own first copy off the website. I invite you to participate by following the three basic steps listed below.

The structure used for this book is a French door format made from one sheet of paper and a pop-out feature usually used in a slit octavo book. Ed Hutchins taught me the French door format - knowing his ability to conceive incredible three dimensional objects from a flat sheet of paper, I suspect he designed it as well. The pop-out, often used to create a 'Riddle Book' was something I learned at Book Arts Jamboree in 1999. I can't remember who passed it along - it may have been either Mary Flores or Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord, or it may have been Ed.

The three steps to participating:

1.  Print the book pieces
here. Occasionally, a browser/printer combination will cut off a small portion of the right side of the large image, causing the first fold to be off center. Feel free to copy and paste these images into another program, where you can also increase the resolution and/or overall dimensions. The page proportions however should stay the same for everything to fit right. Use a quality paper with a color laser or inkjet printer. The heavier the paper, the more useful a little strap or slip case will be in keeping the book closed nice and flat.

2.  Assemble the pieces by following the instructions
here. Many thanks to my daughter who was a great hand model. (This has been around so long, this kid with the cute hands is now in college - AND there are a few more wrinkles around the eyes in the picture.)

3.  Document your copy by signing your name in the space on the back of the book. This is an open, numbered edition. The number for your copy will be your initials followed by today's date, minus the year. (i.e. RLL0521). Send an
email to me at Mission Creek Press with the following information:

a.  Your name and location
b.  The number of your copy
c.  The paper used, the printing method and the size the book was printed
d.  A brief description of any slip case or strap added to the book.

Thank you for your participation. I hope you'll enjoy this project as much as I have - I look forward to hearing from you.

Look for a NEW project to arrive in 2007. Iím working on PDF files that will be more convenient to work with and yield sharper text and image for your finished book. Stay tuned!