More Custom Books

A custom enclosure can help protect your book from damage. A wide range of boxes can be designed to house both new and existing books.

For large memorials or events where there are lots of guests, it can be more convenient to have a guest book that allows separate cards to be inserted later. There are a wide array of interesting solutions that can be explored for special needs.

For a more rustic look, limp leather bindings can be a good choice. Durable enough to throw in a backpack, these only get better looking with wear.


A wide range of stitching styles can be used to bind either handmade paper or commercial sheets together.

You may have notices some of these exposed spine bindings in Jason Thompsonís book, Making Journals by Hand. Every now and then I still enjoy knocking out a stack of them, mainly because they look so great in a big grouping. Watch the Current Specials page to see if I have anything available.