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Recent explorations...


It’s always fun to make a few blank journals and random works, including a rare group of 2D works  (see below). I can accept checks or paypal (to robertalavadour [at] gmail dot com). Please send an email or give me a quick call (541-310-7413) to check availability of one-of-a-kind items so I can confirm your order before sending payment. Various Artist’s Books are available - if there’s a price listed, copies are in stock. “Paper by Hand” is also available. 


Blank journal with inset tin frame and collage. Cover paper of walnut dyed flax (Cave Paper) with pages of Zerkall Nideggen, bound in a six-needle Coptic stitch. If you watched Oregon Art Beat, you saw me working on this piece during the episode. $175 (Sold)

Claire (Variable Numbered Edition)

Metallic foil on Rives BFK paper, mounted to 3/4 inch deep gessobord.


These are a bit difficult to photograph - the foil reads differently depending on the angle from which they are viewed, shifting from shiny and enigmatic to rough and photographic. Number 6 is the only one with gold foil, the others have red and a coppery brown (which tends to read as black online).



“Girl in the World” 2008  $150 (Sold)

4.75 (h) x 3 (w) x 2.25 (d)



Vintage atlas pages sewn on tapes with each gathering wrapped with a duotone silk screen image to form a complete image on the spine and allow the images to be viewed inside throughout the book. Covered with reclaimed leather that’s been scrunched to form a rustic and satisfying feel. Use it as a journal and write over the maps or just display it as is.

Leather wrap journals with reclaimed pages - $35 Sold out - Made to order on request


These feature a mixture of vintage ledger paper pages, maps and blank business forms from a typing correspondence course -one book has ONLY the typing forms (left).


Sturdy, rustic and ready to throw into a backpack and record your adventures.


4.5 inches tall.

Claire I (6 x 6 “) $150

Claire II (6 x 6 “) $150

Claire III (6 x 6 “) $150

Claire IV (5 x 5 “) $150

Claire V (6 x 6 “) $150

Claire VI (6 x 6 “) $150

Claire VII (6 x 6 “) $150

Claire VIII (6 x 6 “) $150

Claire IX (5 x 5 “) $150

Give me a quick call before ordering more than one to display together - some of the gessobords are slightly different depths.

Blank journal with all sorts of gadgets from the junk drawer thrown at it...pages of reclaimed account books and graph paper. You can bid on this at the Morgan Conservatory auction!

If you need to get your hands on a cut-away model for the sewn board binding, let me know. I make these for friends on occasion and would be happy to make an extra for individuals or institutions. $90