Altered Pages / Sculptural Works / Misc.


The Nature of Chairness, 2006 (one of a kind)

This was made for a chair themed auction at a local gallery. Three miniature case-bound books with one page spread of text from Aristotle’s writings on the theory of form using the concept of the chair. Approx. 5 x 6 inches

Untitled works in progress...

Altered books intrigue me in terms of the way paper and pages can move and change through being exposed to moisture and other forces of nature. Simple scraps from the bookbinding  process or cutting down an existing volume can become beautiful objects as well. Look for a few new works in 2008.

Making Books for Fun and Profit....

I create all sorts of books for regional arts center craft galleries. A selection is usually available for sale at the Pendleton Center for the Arts’ fine craft gallery in eastern Oregon. I used to call these my “Found and Bound” series, but now I create them under my second press imprint,
Desultory Press.


Above center: Link stitched handmade paper pages with real western boot top covers. Above right: The Bad Girl’s Journal - collaged with vintage pattern illustrations. Right: Coaster books with letterpress printed covers.