Learning to Fly (c. 1998)

variable edition


This was my first venture into creating a miniature book. Instructions for a fledgling on how to fly inkjet printed on accordion strips with eggshell covers.

Artistís Books and Bindings 6


Seeing the returning of this amazing array of wildflowers to our foothills, which can appear barren even from a short distance to those who don't venture out into them, gave me a surprisingly strong sense of hope.

Original photos of 45 species color laser printed onto commercial papers bound in a sewn-board binding.1 inch (h) by 2 inches (w)

Proof, 2003 (Edition of 25)
I'm usually the first one to pooh-pooh books that are nothing more than a gallery of lovely flowers. But when the war in Iraq began, I felt I had to find something hopeful, just to keep from becoming consumed with bitterness and sadness.

Untitled, 2000 (sold)
Polaroid transfers relate the lines of binding stitches with the furrow rows in the fields surrounding the studio.


Miniature books hold a special appeal - their scale immediately transports one into a world of childhood and fancy or briefly allows us to share intimate knowledge as a voyeur or confidante.

I make a varied assortment of miniature blank books for sale at various fine craft outlets. Each one is unique and springs from the paper I have on hand combined with objects I drag home from thrift stores and yard sales.