Artist’s Books and Bindings 5

(more handmade paper)

Migration, 2002 This piece began as an exploration of the late medieval Coptic binding with laminated papyrus boards and took on a strange, cross-cultural look. Handmade paper made to size with natural deckles, reclaimed jacket leather and waxed linen sewn into a never ending band that references the old crocheted boxes.

Untitled, 2002


This one-of-a-kind book was part of an exploration into different board attachments for chain stitched books. I call this a reverse block binding. Handmade paper crafted from wheat stalk from the field next to the old studio, cover of reclaimed jacket leather, end sheet pulp-painted handmade paper.

Fiber Transformations (edition of 20)


This began as a simple ‘how-to’ book and morphed into a mixed-media, full-on piece. Inkjet printed on handmade paper crafted from pampas grass with fiber and pulp samples, mould and deckle, and hands-on samples of the other materials used in papermaking. Laser printed images tipped in.