Artistís Books and Bindings 4

(handmade paper)

The second work, By Day II, 2003 (edition of three) takes the idea a step further with a handmade kaleidoscope that handmade paper disks fit into.

Over the years Iíve been exploring a series of books designed to highlight the intricacies of handmade paper. I'm always looking for ways to get  the "reader" to look at paper the way I do, held up to the light with every fiber illuminated. The first in the series, By Day, 2001 (pictured above), was a one-of-a-kind work that consisted of handmade paper slides that fit into a handmade viewer. This piece has been traveling Italy since 2001 as part of the award winning books from the first six years of the Libri Mai Mai Visti (Books Never Ever Seen) exhibit in Russi.

Gathering Fall 1998


Handmade paper and birch twigs. This piece is used to illustrate Hedi Kyleís piano hinge binding in the second edition of Keith Smithís ďNon-Adhesive BindingĒ. Comes with a handmade paper base for display.

Harvest Moon I, ll, lll, 1998


Handmade paper and birch twigs. Series of three unique tunnel books, one of which resides in the collection of the King St. Stephen Museum in Hungary.†