Artistís Books & Bindings 3

Curiosa, 1998, Tunnel book, inkjet printed with hand-colored laser printed clip art. This book has been modified and revisited a few times throughout the years.

Typography Series #1, 2000 (edition of 14) $200

Leporilllo style accordion book with color laser prints from original photographs. Images are layered to re-create the overwhelming consumer jungle context in which words find themselves on the shelves of the mega-mart. The front side is contrasted with single letterpress printed words drawn from brand names...bounce, future, etc.

Letters/Lessons, 1998, edition of 7 (sold out) One of my first editioned works and still one of my favorites. Inkjet printed discs hinged into a boustrophedon that folds up into a can enclosure.

Love and Math: Resulting Complications

(sold out)


1997, small edition. Hard cover with printed acetate insert holds puzzle pieces that form a love triangle between the floating heads of catalog models.

Nancy Kelly Sheppard, 1999 edition of 10 (sold out)

This book started when I found two photographs at an antique store. I was immediately awestruck by Nancy Sheppard's beauty and poise while perched on a horse barreling around a rodeo arena. Thrilled to see her name and address on the back of the photos from the 50's, I wrote to the address on the chance that I might get more information. I got a phone call from Nancy, who graciously granted permission to use her photos in a book work and even sent more for me to include.
"Nancy Kelley Sheppard" Edition of 20, Color laser printed, hand cut pop-ups, accordion structure

Konk-A-Ree, 2001 edition of 15 - (sold out)
The song of the red-winged blackbirds, which return here each spring, is a great vehicle for exploring the difference between reading about something and the type of knowing that comes from experience.

Text reads: ďScientists have a language of birdsong that can be written on a page. konk-kar-ree, konk-a-ree, o-ka-ree When you hear a red-winged blackbird in the spring, come back and read this againĒ