Artist’s Books & Bindings 2

Laser printed on BFK Rives bound in a drum leaf binding. What appear to be compositions that echo works by modern masters eventually reveal themselves to be the remains of Chartpak sheets used by an anonymous office worker creating paste ups for printed materials. Recognized at Art Slate with the Frank and Bunny Dyer Award.

THE OFFICE POLITICS ALPHABET (2nd Edition), 2004 (edition of 36)  $65


This story in 26 parts chronicles what one reviewer described as “...a love triangle in the office from Hell”. Laser printed on timecards, comb bound with letterpress printed vintage file folders.

REMAINS, 2005 - (study)

Lithographed edition in production 2008.

Re-Exploring Oregon, 2005 (one of a kind) $450


A map of Oregon cut down and rebound on linen cords with laced boards. Handmade magnifying glass allows the subtext to the Lewis and Clark expedition to be read.

Study for Revisionist History, 2005 NFS


The magic of illusion meets a family secret in this 3 x 3 x 3 inch work. Based on a secret piggy bank design found at the thrift store.

Found: Poetry from the Digital Marketplace, 2003 (edition of 25) $40

This book began with an ebay search for “dirty” and “doll”. As I browsed, I came across descriptions that read like some kind of dark domestic-ideal beat poetry. Writing designed simply to find a buyer for these odd items becomes weirdly haunting.

Simple sewn binding with paper wrapper.

A Binding Sampler 2004, edition of 22 with ten copies commissioned by the Wichita Art Museum for their "Living Room" installation.

Created exclusively from textiles purchased from thrift stores, the book combines the rich hand-sewn embroidery, discarded quilt tops and other unfinished work of countless, anonymous needle-workers with book structures and embellishments from around the globe and across time. The universal nature of stitching patterns is layered with the unspoken history of each pillow case, table cloth, dish cloth, handkerchief, etc, its creator, and the complex way we "read" art