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I always say that the best thing anyone ever did for me, in terms of my artistic development, was to boot me out of the house on summer mornings when I was a kid and say, ďFind something to do until dinner timeĒ. Iím fortunate to live in an area where an amazing array of materials for papermaking and books is available. My artistís books usually grow out of the act of engaging with these materials and my small, rural community, and discovering the unexpected.

Itís great spending time outdoors doing exactly what I did as a kid - collecting plant specimens, looking for treasures, pulling the seeds off tall grass heads as I walk along. But now I do it with an overwhelming sense of wonder, instead of summer day boredom (not to knock boredom - I think wallowing in it is an essential first step for unlocking creative energy and something we donít allow ourselves enough time for any more).

A copy of the sixties book ďKnit a

Dress a DayĒ† bound in a

piano hinge binding on

knitting needles.

I canít remember ever conceiving a book first, then going about making it. It is always an evolutionary process that begins by moving my hands, folding paper, responding to textures, handling a yard sale find, and discovering ways to fix things that didnít work out the way I had intended.


I love experimenting with all types of fibers and found objects. Friends often let me raid their gardens or bring me an interesting thrift store find using the standard line, ď...we figured you could do something with thisĒ.


Feel free to browse through this selection of work, some new, some older, some made for exhibits and collectors, some made for retail outlets and some made just for fun.


You can also go to the Gyromancy page to print and assemble your own copy of this little artistís book created from one sheet of paper. This project has been completed by hundreds of book enthusiasts around the globe - the web is truly amazing.


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