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If you can’t make it to see work in person, here’s a peek at some of the pieces that are out and about...

Dangerous Chemistry, 2001/2008


2.5” (h) x 3” (w) x  3” (d) (enclosure)

Paper crafted by the artist from pigmented abaca to size, piano hinge binding on match sticks, cloth covered enclosure with title blind-embossed on striking strip.


The original manifestation for this work was designed as a rebellion to the election of George W. Bush (“There ought to be limits to freedom”), but, with the dawn of a new era, I wanted to re-contextualize it in a more humane and personal way. The Molten II exhibit at the Abecedarian Gallery was a great excuse.

That’s the Way I Like it (Today), 2009

One deluxe copy in box - $250


5.5” (h) x 3.5” (w) x 3.5” (d)  (enclosure) Variable displayed

Metalic foil on card stock, cloth covered custom enclosure


Also currently in “Molten II”, this work was inspired by Jan Voss’ “Wartelist” (1984), which allowed the collector to purchase a variable number of additional sheets for the book, making the character’s wait at the bus stop as long or short as desired. In this work, the viewer can use post screws of different various lengths and printed pages to create a book as long or as short, as quiet or noisy, or as monotone or accelerated as desired. Repetition gives common words a wonderful charge. The book can be disassembled and pages used to recreate a different experience for each viewing.

At Delires de Livres (Books in Red, White and Black) at the Collegaile Saint Andres in Chartes, France visitors will see Bliss’ Sappho (2009). An adaptation of one of Hedi Kyle’s non-adhesive structures in fragments of red acetate. Inspired by the Victorian men of the late 1800’s who “translated” Sappho’s work, based only on scattered words.